SpeechLive In-House Transcription

SpeechLive allows your typists to securely log on to their transcription workflow from any computer and transcribe the audio direct from the browser. No software installation required!! Typists can be set to see all authors or just the nominated author/s they require.

Foot Control compatible - Simply connect a Philips ACC-2330 or ACC-2310 USB foot pedal and control the audio efficiently
Real-time job status allows each team member to see the current status of each dictation (ie: Pending, Suspended, In Progress,   Completed)
Filter and Sort the worklist to find dictations quicker and stay organized
Priority Dictations stand out clearly in the worklist
Optional email notification of new dictations when added to the typist's workflow
Variable Speed Control allows the typist to adjust both the playback and the winding speed
Auto-backspace allows the typist to adjust the player to slightly rewind after each stop to ensure not a single word is missed
Automatic archiving allows typists to keep the worklist clear whilst being able to navigate back to completed dictations if required
Dictation Archive Purge can be set at a time that suits your firm