Optional SpeechLive Transcription Service

For the times when you need a little extra help the SpeechLive transcription service allows you to focus on more important tasks than typing.  It is like having your own "on-demand personal assistant".

99% accuracy and 100% transcribed by humans!
Fast turnaround times allow you to meet tight deadlines.  Urgent dictations can be delivered within 5 office hours
Multiple speakers - SpeechLive transcriptionists can easily transcribe multiple speaker recordings with time stamps and speaker tracking
Guaranteed security - keep your confidential data safe with the knowledge that all SpeechLive typists work in professional office spaces with secure technology.
Free trial - try the SpeechLive Transcription service and get the first 10 minutes free
Purchase SpeechLive Transcription Service in blocks (minimum of 20 mins) - with optional auto-top up.

Best used for:
Noisey Audio
Accented Speakers
Multiple speakers
Accuracy: 99% +

24-hour turn around for up to 120 min audio
Urgent +25% 5-hour turn around for up to 25 min audio
Speech-to-text add-on package

Dictate directly in your desktop apps, our smartphone app and in the web recorder
Convert recorded audio files to text
English (US, UK and Australia), French (France and Canada), Afrikaans, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish
Fair-use flat rate (500 min/month)

Best used for:
Low ambient noise
Clear voices
Minimal accents
Single speaker
Accuracy: 80–95%

Available for SpeechLive Pro