SpeechLive Dictation Recording

SpeechLive gives the author the choice on how and where they dictate.

An author can use the included SpeechLive Dictation App on their phone to simply record and send. However, if they are recording longer documents they may wish to use a more traditional, portable dictation recorder.  SpeechLive is compatible with most professional voice recorders, including Philips and Olympus.  In most cases, authors may already have a digital dictaphone recorder that can be used.

Another alternative is to record directly into SpeechLive via the SpeechLive On-line Recorder - easily accessible from the web browser.  This provides full dictation recording and editing capabilities and works perfectly with professional dictation microphones such as the Philips SpeechMike range or a professional headset such as the Philips SpeechOne Headset or even one of the Jabra headset ranges. 

No matter how you record, dictation audio is quickly routed to the author's secure workflow in SpeechLive - ready for transcription All options are included.

Included for each author is the SpeechLive Dictation App.  Simply record your dictation - with all of the same functionality as a traditional dictaphone voice recorder, add notes & instructions, set a priority, attach an accompanying image or document and click send. Or...

Dictate directly into the SpeechLive On-line Recorder with a SpeechMike or headset microphone. Or...

Dictate using a Philips or Olympus portable dictation recorder. You can even set SpeechLive to automatically upload directly into your SpeechLive workflow when you connect your recorder.
Dictations are automatically sent to the allocated typist/s in your organization securely via the SpeechLive service. No emailing required.
Clearly see - on your phone or your computer - the live transcription status of your dictation so you know once it has been completed.