Secure Cloud
Philips SpeechLive Web Dictation and Transcription Solution is a browser-based workflow service which helps turn voice into text quickly and efficiently, from anywhere and anytime.
The cloud-based solution provides its users with consistent and reliable speech-to-text and documentation workflow service, whether the users are working from their office, their home, on the go. They can also use any input device to record, be it their PC or their mobile phone when on the go.
Thousands of customers from all over the world and various industries trust their data to Philips SpeechLive. When offering such all-encompassing flexibility, data security was always one of the highest concerns for Philips, even in the development phase of the solution.

HTTPS Encryption
Dictations are always sent via encrypted HTTPS channels.
The dictations are encrypted and stored in the MS Azure system.
The dictations that are created by the mobile apps are encrypted stored on the mobile phone